Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a copy of an incident report?
Download the incident report request form.  You can drop it by the station, fax it to 281.444.1524, or email the completed form to info @

What is the ISO class of Champions ESD?
Champions ESD has an ISO rating  of "2".  The Fire Department was last surveyed by ISO in 2017.   Areas  void of fire hydrants (greater than 1000') have an ISO rating of "6".  

Can I burn trash, leaves, or trimings, at my house or business?
In general, outdoor burning within ESD29, and most of Harris County for that matter, is illegal.  The rule of thumb is this: 

  • Residential burning is prohibited if you have regular trash pick up
  • Commercial burning is always prohibited unless you have special permission from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)
  • Check the Harris Co Fire Marshal's Office website for more info or download this information here from TCEQ.

What phone number should my alarm company use when reporting a fire alarm at my address?
281.537.8555  (this number is ONLY for alarm company use--individuals must report  emergencies by calling 911.) Contact your alarm company to make sure  this is the number they are using if you live in the Champions area.  Many times we find that alarm companies are calling the Houston Fire  Department, which causes a delay in reporting your alarm to us.

My cat ran up a tree and won't come down. Will the fire department come help?
For  safety and insurance reasons, the fire department is not able to  respond to these types of calls. However, if an animal is in need of  some other type of rescue (stuck in a fence or storm sewer drain), call  us and we will attempt a rescue.

If a cat is stuck in a tree,  keep other animals and people away from the tree and place some food at  the bottom. The cat will come down when it feels safe or gets hungry.

Does the fire department refill/recharge fire extinguishers?
No,  we don't even refill our own. Look in the Yellow Pages or Internet Search for "Fire and  Safety Equipment." There are companies listed that do that. Sometimes it  may be beneficial to just buy a new extinguisher though, and some  cannot be recharged after use.

There is a fire hydrant flowing water on my street. Will the fire department come shut it off?
No,  the fire department is not responsible for fire hydrants. Your water  department or Municipal Utility District is in charge of hydrants and  there may be a reason why they're flowing, such as testing or  maintenance. Please contact your local water department.

Does the fire department install or inspect child safety seats?
No,  currently the fire department does not perform this service. Most  people don't realize that there is extensive training required to  properly install and inspect car seats. Cypress Creek EMS currently does  provide this service. Visit their website or call 281.378.0800 for more information.